Things to Do in Chicago

What’s the first thing that you heard about Chicago before moving here? Did someone call it the Windy City? Ask you about deep-dish? Here’s a list of Chicago Staples you need to experience so you can answer any question for your friends out of town.

Deep Dish

First thing’s first – Giordano’s or Lou Malnati’s is the first major decision you need to make before you even unpack your bags. Chi-town is famous for it’s deep dish pizza.

Image: Shutterstock

The Bean

The Cloud Gate sculpture first showed its shiny face in 2006, but it’s best known as “The Bean.” Lucky for you, it’s around the corner from the Chicago Office.

Image: Grace Winslow


You know what doesn’t go on hotdogs? Ketchup. Not around these parts. It’s practically a sin. Start with Portillo’s (and their chocolate cake) and make your way to the mom and pop shops.

Image: Grace Winslow

The Art Institute

This is Brandon. He likes art.

In all seriousness, we’re very fortunate to be near one of the world’s best art museums: The Art Institute. The icing on the cake? It’s free on Thursday for Chicago residents.

Image: Brandon Krisko

The Rivers Run Green

The most integral part of St. Patrick’s Day Festivities every March turning the Chicago River GREEN! Crowds and crowds of people line themselves along the river walk to watch the magical transformation.

Image: Grace Winslow

Ride with Us

Everyone remembers the Bulls in the 1990s. Can you say “Jordan, Game 6”?

Where are they now you ask? The United Center with their loyal fan-base, undeniably great food selection, and the most fun crowd participation you’ll ever see. Also, there’s a basketball game.

Image: Bryanna Adams

Lincoln Park Conservatory

Once you step inside the walls of this greenhouse, the warm air takes to you to another time and place. The Lincoln Park Conservatory is the home to many flowers, just north of the Lincoln Park Zoo. The best part – it’s free entry!

Image: Bryanna Adams