Morningstar Mingling

Morningstar prioritizes hard work, but we know it’s important to have fun and make connections with fellow employees. Morningstar understands that for many MDPs especially, this is their first role after college. The shift from taking classes all week to the 9-5 grind can be tough, and by providing a friendly and social environment, MDPs find a smoother transition into work life.

At Morningstar, there are numerous social gatherings held throughout the year both company-wide and solely for the Morningstar Development Program. Some of the events in the past have been the summer patio party, VIVA patio party, Jai Ho festival, MDP Cubs Game outing, MDP shuffle boardouting, and Customer Service Week.

In addition to all of these events, Talent & Culture plans happy hour networking events for MDP members. These allow you to meet fellow new members of the program along with previous members who have moved into their next role.

(Some of the things we used to do before the stay at home order… and will definitely start organizing again when we can finally get back to the office in 2021!)

Moments caught on camera:

MDP Shuffleboard Social
Axe Throwing Extravaganza
Diwali Dance Performance
Parlor Pizza Party