Mastering the PRVI

The first phase of interviewing for the Morningstar Development Program or an internship with Morningstar is a Personal Recorded Video Interview, or a PRVI for short.

Let’s cut to the chase: recording yourself is awkward. Finding the right setting, wearing the right blazer or dress shirt that says “I am your ideal candidate” instead of “I am still wearing pajama pants,” and acting the perfect mixture of professional and natural are not as easy as they seem once you click “record.”

This phase of the interview process isn’t meant to make you feel awkward or stress you out. It is meant to get to know you, the candidate, and help us begin to envision you as a Morningstar employee.

The PRVI is made up of three brief questions that can be answered in 60 seconds max. You have three attempts to record and answer each question. The questions, just like the PRVI itself, are a warm introduction to Morningstar and are a simple way for us to get to know you. To master these questions and get in the right state of mind, here are some tips to avoid feeling awkward and interview like a natural:

Do your research. I know, we may sound like a broken record at this point, but doing your research is the most important thing for any interview. You need to let us know why you are the perfect candidate, and more importantly, you need to know why you are applying for the job. What makes you stand out as a candidate and what would make you fit in at Morningstar? We want to know, and the PRVI is our first impression.

Choose a good location. Find an environment you feel comfortable in so you feel comfortable while recording. Go somewhere quiet and secluded.

Dress the part. Will we ever know if you are in a pair of sweatpants and laying in your bed? Yeah, if you make it obvious. Although you are not interviewing face-to-face, it is still an interview. Dress for the role you want. Just like your environment, your presentation should be professional.

Practice. Preparation is key. Practicing will not only help you provide thoughtful answers to the questions, but it will also relieve some of the stress and awkwardness you may be anticipating. You have three opportunities to record each response. Do not hesitate to use them!

Look directly at the camera. We know what you’re thinking: duh. However, this may be easier said than done. Although the interview isn’t face-to-face, you still need to come off as conversational and engaging. Practice your responses in the mirror or to a peer beforehand. Don’t read directly off your notes or script. Give the camera the same attention you would give someone you are speaking to directly.