Interview Breakdown

Your resume and cover letter have been drafted again and again. You finally click submit.

So now what?

Allow us to break it down for you! Whether you are applying to be a Business MDP, Tech MDP, or an intern, we can tell you what to expect after your resume and cover letter have been submitted and reviewed by our Talent & Culture Team.

Business MDP:

Interested in starting your career on the business side of Morningstar? The Morningstar Development Program for Business is the fit for you!

After your resume and cover letter have been reviewed and accepted, the first phase of the interviewing process will be submitting video recordings in response to 3 brief interview questions. This first phase is known as our Personal Recorded Video Interviews. The second phase is a Zoom meeting, similar to a Skype interview, with a Morningstar employee. The final phase in the interview process is the Super Day at Morningstar’s headquarters: the Chicago office (for first half of 2021… via zoom!).

The Super Day is split into 2 parts. One part is a case study, which you will receive prior to your Super Day, and a presentation on it with 2 or 3 other candidates. The second part consists of 4 back-to-back interviews with Morningstar employees from our various departments. Morningstar aims to make this day an immersive learning experience where you are able to gain a better understanding of the company while we learn more about you. Lunch is provided, in addition to the chance to sit and speak with current MDPs about their experiences at Morningstar. You will be asked to complete a Hogan Personality Assessment if invited on-site.

Tech MDP:

Interested in joining the technology and data-focused side of Morningstar? Applying to the Morningstar Development Program for Technologists is a step in the right direction!

The Tech MDP interview process follows the same track as the Business MDP interview process: submitting a resume and cover letter, recording responses to 3 interview questions, and conducting a Zoom interview.

If asked to move forward, you will invited on-site for a Super Day. You will also be given a DevSkiller Code Assessment task in addtion to a Hogan Personality Assessment. Candidates for the Tech MDP position also have 4 back-to-back interviews with Morningstar employees, along with an engineering challenge instead of a case study.