Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

You may see the acronym ERG thrown around. ERGs refer to Morningstar’s Employee Resource Groups. One of Morningstar’s core values is Great People, and we strive to create a space where those great people can thrive. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council seeks to ensure:

“All groups at Morningstar feel heard, fairly treated, and safe to make their full contribution.

When we look around at our colleagues, we feel proud to be part of such a diverse group.

We are a measurably more diverse group – the data supports the pride we feel.

When people comment on our open, inclusive, culture and diversity of thought we can say it’s more than an attitude, it’s measurable.

We lead in diversity globally.”

So what ERGs do we have? And how can you join them? Check them out here:

  • WIT (Women in Technology)
    • Mission: Unite employees who are passionate about encouraging and mentoring women technologists at Morningstar. Coordinate community events to share experience and promote diversity in the technical fields.
  • BCA (Black, Caribbean, African Affinity Group)
  • Jai Ho (Indian Affinity Group)
    • Mission: Increase the likelihood for diverse populations to see Morningstar as the company for them as measured by year-over-year improvement in the % of underrepresented groups in management and senior-leader roles via partnering with organizations to build a Morningstar brand with the community, and focusing attention on attracting underrepresented races and classes.
  • Men as Allies
    • Mission: Decrease biases and changing thought processes that lead to them, by encouraging awareness, dialogue, and action on the part of everyone in the Morningstar community.
  • Out @ Morningstar
    • Mission: Provide opportunities for development, networking and community involvement to help LGBTQ+ employees achieve their highest potential, thereby driving Morningstar’s business through diversity in thought and skills. This group is open to all employees who wish to participate.
  • Travel Club
    • Mission: Be Morningstar’s own “TripAdvisor.” We intend to connect with others who share your love for travel, and help each other plan trips over a cup of coffee.
  • WIN (Morningstar’s Women’s Initiative)
  • VIVA (Morningstar’s Latinx Community)
    • Mission: Connect members and allies of the Latino and Hispanic communities across Morningstar.
  • CFA Affinity Group
    • Mission: Commit to unwavering ethical and professional standards. With our vast pool of CFA Charterholders, we can enhance our brand as a premier financial institution and advance our differentiated research efforts, with the ultimate intent of driving even better outcomes for investors. 
  • Immigration Assistance
  • TableTop Gamers
  • Book Club