Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs (DEIs)

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) defines diversity as “the collective mixture of differences and similarities that include, for example, individual and organizational characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, preferences, and behaviors.” They break down diversity even further into two categories —visible diversity traits and invisible diversity traits. In discussions revolving around diversity, visible traits are often what is emphasized and include race, gender, physical abilities, age, and body type. Invisible diversity traits include things such as sexual orientation, religion, socio-economic status, education, and parental status among other things.

At Morningstar, we continue to invest in our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, both because we believe it is the right thing to do and because we believe it helps drive positive business outcomes. For us, the Diversity of Thought is what really matters. We have multiple lenses to determine if we are tipping the odds in our favor to achieve diversity of thought.

a.   Demographics — Demographics provide a tangible and easily observable set of characteristics through which to evaluate our employee population

b.   Sentiment — Pulse survey results and sentiment around the employee experience help us more deeply understand the culture at Morningstar

c.   Infrastructure — The breadth of programs and policies we have in place to support employees help demonstrate our commitment to this work


Equity considers what disadvantages are inherent to certain groups of people and the systems that create those gaps. Our ultimate goal is to change the system. We take actions now to close the gaps and we are trying to create a future where the gaps won’t exist.

The “I” in DEI Matters

Individual experiences are not always visible on the surface. This effort only succeeds when we are all feeling included and fully invested in the process and the outcome.

Women’s Month Events

Fireside Chat with Kunal Kapoor and Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq

Adena Friedman, CEO of Nasdaq, discussing her career

On March 10th, Kunal had a fireside chat with Adena Friedman,  CEO of Nasdaq. She was named CEO of Nasdaq in January 2017, the first woman to lead a global exchange. They discussed Adena’s exceptional career, how she has chosen to challenge industry norms by making landmark decisions on diversity, and her insight into the impact of emerging technology on the industry.

Book Discussion: Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do

On March 12th, our Morningstar’s Women’s Initiative (WIN) hosted a 60 minute panel discussing the book.

Fair Play is a time- and anxiety-saving system that offers families a completely new way to divvy up domestic responsibilities. “With 4 easy-to-follow rules, 100 household tasks, and a series of conversation starters for you and your partner, Fair Play helps you prioritize what’s important to your family and who should take the lead on every chore, from laundry to homework to dinner.”

Report Discussion: Women in the Workplace

Source: McKinsey&Company, Women in the Workplace 2020

On March 15th and 16th, our Research group’s DEI Un-Book Club hosted its first small-group conversations based on short-form readings and other media formats. The discussion was based on McKinsey’s report “Women in the Workplace 2020“.

“In a year marked by crisis and uncertainty, corporate America is at a crossroads. The choices companies make today will have consequences on gender equality for decades to come.” – Women in the Workplace 2020 Report

Coming Together

Morningstar came together for Black History Month with a wide range of celebrations to bring our employees together!

We had the pleasure of attending a workout class hosted by Anthos Training Clubs, a personal training gym in Hyde Park Chicago!
Morningstar Employees got to enjoy a virtual DJ Set with Craig DJ Mack. Throughout the day, DJ Mack brought Morningstar employees together by enjoying music from every era!