Client Service

Harron Young

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Alma mater: Undergrad: Syracuse University. Grad School: Kent State University

Major: Undergrad: International Relations. Grad school: Business Administration

Current Role: Team Lead for Office Support (Chicago)

When did you start the MDP program and what was your role?

 I started in April 2020 as a Support Representative for Morningstar Office.

What led you to this current role?

I really enjoy people management and wanted to take on a role where I could also collaborate with others in improving training, the work from home environment, and overall processes on the team while supporting Office MDPs in their goals and development as well.

What is a typical day in your current role?

Right now, a large part of my role is improving training for new hires and continuous learning of product knowledge and overall team engagement. With that, a typical day is filled with check ins with people on my team, documenting training procedures while also revamping our current training process, and one-off tasks that are related to things from announcing product updates to auditing cases in Salesforce and, overall, making sure the Office support team is operating in line with our 2021 OKRs.

Did you participate in any stretch projects?

So far, I have participated in 2 stretch projects. My first stretch project was with Talent and Culture, specially helping with recruitment of MDPs and summer interns where I participated in the resume review process and continue to help with first round Zoom interviews. The second stretch project I completed was with the Sustainalytics team in which we collected diversity data on over 600 North American companies specifically to look at the diversity makeup at each level, from overall workforce to the executive board, and drew original and unique analysis from said data.

What advice would you give your first-year self?

Even though I am still in my first year, the advice I would give myself is to hit the ground running. Morningstar is such a collaborative and innovative company and I wish I started networking and doing coffee chats sooner along with joining an ERG and attending more workshops sooner as well to better adjust to having a new job during the pandemic and the work from home environment.

How was it like starting your MDP role in a virtual setting?

Although it was challenging at first, I feel as though we were setup with all the necessary tools and resources to be successful along with people to reach out to when needed.

How has Morningstar helped you in this pandemic?

Honestly, Morningstar has actually helped me so much in this pandemic!  The Global Town Halls have been so informative, especially the Town Hall that gave more insight on the COVID-19 vaccine. In terms of my personal growth during these times, I have been able to excel in my career by gaining leadership experience and taking initiative in my current role on training improvements and overall team engagement. The coffee chats and MDP workshops I have attended have given me the opportunity to continue learning from setting OKRs to better understanding different roles at Morningstar. And with the help of the education stipend, I’ve been able to continue my learning in finance by enrolling in CFP courses. Overall, during a very difficult time, I have still been able to find many opportunities, meet so many people, and continue to grow through Morningstar.

One piece of WFH advice?

Take whatever opportunity you can to engage with others at work and get human interaction. What helped me a lot in my first role was setting up frequent office hours with my Team Lead to become more familiar with the product and team in general. And now as the Team Lead, finding time to check in and schedule group meetings has been very helpful while working from home.

Andrew Levitz

Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Alma Mater: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Finance

Current Role: Customer Success Manager – Direct (Chicago)

When did you start the MDP program and what was your role? 

I started in 2016 as a customer support rep on the Managed Portfolios team.  

What was your next position? What led you to this role?

My next role was as a Direct Customer Success Manager (CSM) and I am still currently here. I made the move across Morningstar because Managed Portfolios is its own separate group and I felt that I didn’t know much about the biggest part Morningstar’s business, which is our data and products. I wanted to learn about the “stuff” that gives us such strong brand recognition and why people in the industry know the name “Morningstar.” I also get bored staring at a computer screen all day and wanted to do something that is client facing. I thought about joining sales, but was hesitant about having a job that is 100% sales. This is a great role to get some sales experience, while still not being a full-time sales job. 

What is a typical day in your current role? 

Each day is very different, but a lot of my days are spent helping clients solve their business problems and making sure they are getting the most out of Direct. I spend a lot of time on the phone doing training on Direct with them or trying to understand their business and why they are using Direct.  

We try to be as proactive as possible, especially when it comes to major data updates. For example, at the end of April we are changing our Fixed Income Style Box calculation, so I’ve been spending a lot of time recently making sure clients are aware of this change and specifically working with my asset management clients that will be impacted the most. Around once a month I travel to meet with my clients in person. I cover Texas (and a few other states), so I’ll usually go to Dallas, Houston, Austin or San Antonio for 2-3 days. Those meetings can consist of anything from hands-on training for a specific part of Direct to a “lunch and learn” with clients, educating them about industry trends that we are seeing and talking about how Morningstar is addressing those trends through our data and products.  

Did you participate in any stretch projects or ERGs? 

I actually did not participate is stretch projects. 

 What advice would you give your first-year self? 

Hard work and a positive attitude does not go unnoticed. Also try to learn as much about the company as a whole as possible. I often hear managers and higher ups talking about how valuable it is to have employees with experience in different areas. 

What is your best travel story? 

I drove to the wrong office building on the opposite side of Houston the first time I traveled to an in-person meeting. I showed up 20 minutes late to the meeting. I was also travelling with my manager.