Core Values

Morningstar has a set of six core values that lie at the heart of everything we do. We use these core values to formulate our strategies and guide our business decisions, and we expect every employee to embrace and embody these values throughout the course of business each and every day. ​

Investors First. This lies within our mission’s core. We hire people who “wear investors first on your sleeve.” Our strength in the industry comes largely from the faith our investors have in us to provide transparent data and research.

Great Products. By excelling in research, design, and technology, we strive to create industry-defining products that delight our clients and eclipse the competition. Our products must be insightful, innovative, beautiful, and useful, and the service we provide should be as great as the products we create. ​

Great People. We want people who are smart, hard-working, curious, creative, and passionate about their work. We encourage employees to learn and grow throughout their careers. We recognize that very person here matters and contributes to our success and we go out of our way to attract, retain, challenge, and reward great people. ​

Uncompromising Ethics. We have rigor and passion for our mission ​of transparency, setting a line/standard and making sure we uphold it. Big companies that you’ve heard of ask about our ratings, and we say, “Well look at your past ethics, there’s a reason why.” We are independent, and no one can pay us or influence our ratings or findings. Morningstar is successful because investors trust us. We must always approach our work with absolute integrity and independence. We expect all employees to adhere to the highest ethical standards at all times, even if it costs us business. ​

Entrepreneurial Spirit. This is still around as we grow as a company; we still have the startup mindset of growing, moving forward, and improving every day. If you ever have an idea, let it fly- you don’t have to wait to be an expert. That’s not at all the culture here- people are very willing to listen ​and are open to improvement

Financial Success. We believe when we pursue our mission of creating great products to help investors, financial success will follow. This allows us to reinvest in our business, build long-term shareholder value, and further our work of helping investors.

These values are what we seek when recruiting, interviewing, and hiring candidates for the Morningstar Development Program. As the future of Morningstar, we strive to hire individuals who not only have potential, but also have these core values.