About the Internships

Chances are if you are viewing this page, you are still in school or have just graduated, so you may still be a rookie when it comes to interviewing. No worries, you’ve come to right place! We all know the interview process can be stressful, so we want to ease the nerves as much as we can for you. Below, we lay out the full interview process from start to finish, and also throw in some interviewing tips just to make sure your internship interview goes as planned.

Need a few tips to prepare for the personal recorded video interview questions and the process in general? Click here for some advice!

The Lay Out

The application and interview process for becoming an intern at Morningstar is similar to that for an MDP, minus the Super Day. After your resume and cover letter have been submitted, you will complete a personal recorded video interview with 2 to 3 behavioral interview questions. After completing that step, there are 2 rounds of Zoom interviews with 2 Morningstar employees.

How to Prepare

Any interview can be stressful, but the best way to ease that stress is to come prepared. It is important to do you homework on the company you are interviewing for before applying to the internship. This will allow you to learn more about us and our culture, and will give you the confidence to speak thoroughly on what you like about the company and why you would be a good fit. We are looking for candidates who have done their research. We want to hire people who resonate with our values, products, and mission.

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Need a few tips to prepare for the interview process in general? Click here for some advice!